Peace of Mind


hawkPeace of mind

Is so hard to come by

so when someone’s selling it

It’s hard not to buy



When it is bought and paid for

It is not yours

And there is no way to get more

So instead  – create your own peace

And guard it safely in your own place


Nurture peace and create more

Share it when you care

But guard your own store

No assuming you can run with what you’ve got

It will be depleted and cannot be re-bought


Always learn, always try

It is the only way to resupply

Your peace of mind


Marilyn Fox


None of this is New…?


I told a friend that I worry more about the states gaining more individual power and becoming fractured and very ideologically separate from the nation.  I am a huge proponent of individual rights, even the right to bear arms – there I will just say it and get it out of the way.  Yes I am liberal,  Yes I am progressive – Yes I wanted Sanders , yes I believe that gun violence is abhorrent.  All violence is abhorrent, wars for example.

How will this possibly play out – the fractured America that we have now – have had always.  Maybe that is the starting point – none of this is new –none of this is really directly related to Trump.  It has always been here, simmering, whispering, hating and shaming and taking a front seat when it can.  When the attitudes and the laws and the people in power “allow” it – I do not allow it. Work on this!

This is a continuum piece -I wrote the two paragraphs above after the 2016 election.  My small way of trying to “get past and move on”.  I often leave myself notes (find a better word) or ( check the date) or (list of possible words that rhyme ) OR ( work on this).  NOW,  we are at the end of January 2017 and when I reread the paragraphs – I found comfort in the little aside to myself – WORK ON THIS.  I also question my original title – hell yes, SOME of this is NEW!  So, we have the people in power – allowing hate, working to go backward in terms of individual rights, encouraging and fostering a fractured nation.  I HATE being right.  SO, again, the only thing I can GO FROM – is WORK ON THIS.  What can I (you) do to NOT ALLOW the changes that will take us backward?

Common practice when dealing with HUGE problems is to break them down into manageable parts.  NOW, this is OUR mission, what are the manageable parts that each citizen can “work on” to affect the whole?  The beauty is that it will be different for each  – remember, I support individual rights, and I would no more tell someone what their part is than I will accept that there is nothing that can be done.  SO, for my part I will monitor the issues and changes that I find most abhorrent, I will make the phone call, attend the march or meeting, share information and facts and STAY involved in MY country’s future.  Granted, I will give myself respite from the daily carnage occasionally, because that too is common practice for healthy survival.  Work on this!

Marilyn Fox




Added Emphasis Not Needed


Added Emphasis NOT needed.

The reports are disturbing – please do not read into anything into this screed – other than what I am saying.  Why is the phrase “…including women and children” a part of reporting of deaths.  We all have heard this “added emphasis” attached to mainly reports of “civilian” deaths because of terrorism, mudslides, car accidents, etc.

It seems our language, or nomenclature of reporting and discussion has not kept pace with change.  The answer I anticipate is MEN fought wars, it was expected that men would die, it was men who drove cars and were outside in the wilderness and exposed to danger. As women and children were revered, cherished and protected and kept from harm. (HA)  Shall I look up child labor statistics, rape numbers from society and war, detainment camp numbers, slavery demographics; shall I quit now or is there need to expand;  the Holocaust, the Boko Haram kidnappings, domestic violence, Japanese comfort women, Salem witch trials.  Enough – this small listing from the top of head without coffee or research should suffice.   Researching will surely enforce my point and detract from THE QUESTION.

Why is the phrase “…including women and children” a part of reporting of deaths?

Historically, did women and children not die?  WHY is it “more atrocious” when women and children die while the same event killed men in record numbers.  Is the death of the grandfather and nephew and brother going to the store or coming home from school or working at the factory, or dining in the restaurant, or riding on the subway, not just as horrific and unacceptable.

Marilyn Fox



Wondering – Do we have TOO many nonprofits doing similar work?  Think about it – the mega banks and monopolized utilities, the intertwined corporations, all demand and get decisions and laws in their favor – and are able to do so because of the “too big to fail” mindset – the sheer massiveness of holdings and influence.  In nonprofit/social services – what entity do you think of that has that kind of power?

Are the current mega-charities just as susceptible to corruption and greed?  Who did you think of – check them out – hold them accountable – restrict your dollars.

There are good charity checker sites out there – however, my purpose is different – 70 food pantries  at least in our county?  REALLY?  I support and understand the need for geographic access ( our mass transit is a BUS system – woefully inadequate) however – all these entities with individual operation costs, staff, logistics, food storage, etc.  Hopefully I am wrong – and there is a collaboration and distribution network by one or two entities in our densely populated county.  I will check it out for my county – what does your county do?  Is it acceptable? Smart?  Let me know what you find out.

Career Update


Hoping that I get an interview call from DART – this is a great organization that matches my goals and aspirations for my third career!  Have also become a Connector on IDEALIST – another great online community organizing team that is just getting started – join our evolving team in Dunedin, Fl. Finally – moving toward the macro systemic involvement that I have always wanted.   Advocacy and Action Coordinator – THAT’s ME!  – cannot make progress without both! 

The ongoing confusion about feminism.

Standard read a rant that I want to share far and wide and get the conversation going. Please check it out – and feel free to comment and cuss and posit answers and replies to these young women. We need a L O N G conversation with many young women who do not understand that they are feminists. Great job Tina – thanks for your wit and inspiration.

Free Write – Just because.


Ok so here we go – not much of a prompt I must say.  Was really hoping for something that would make me THINK – I can do stream of consciousness pretty good on my own.  OK -then.   I’ve been thinking that I wish I could research and investigate and SHARE something that is on the surface out there that the world needs to understand and that somehow is just waiting for the  right person to uncover it and explain it and show it to the world.  IT being the problem – with my social justice attitude of course I feel IT should be something that would  blow open some scandal or injustice or force change – or even just increase understanding which was my original thought.  the IT is what I can’t zoom in on — there are too many and I don’t feel that I have any special “in”.  However, the feeling is there – just not the concreteness or the topic or the subject or the country – or the facts!

Wow – no where near twenty minutes.  My friend is a helpful person to vent to – she reminded me about that “a body in motion” thing – and the lack there of – when I am frustrated that I finally TOOK “my break” and NOW I am upset that I am not doing anything with it!  My husband says RELAX – you are tired, your are sick, you have been going all day, etc. I never really realized that is was hard for me to  take a break.  When I’m resting because I am home ill- I am reading or looking at magazines to find a project.  I rarely get bored enough to clean – so much more to do and you just have to do it over. I seem to have a lot of half-started projects or is it half-finished.  All in the attitude isn’t it  Oh well – not going to London or  anywhere soon – though it is on my list as well as Ireland and …

New road – kind of depressing trying to the list the places I am NOT going and seems off-topic or “just write – so so so what next to force out – oh thank goodness  time’s up.